It is with the biggest belly laughs that we our announce our September 2014 Comedy Winners for The Ultimate Logline Contest.

FilmWatchingTor Dollhouse, Killing Stan Lee: While attending the San Diego Comic-Con, four mourning nerds team-up to kill Stan Lee; the legendary writer who murdered their favourite character.

Shelli Wright, Immaculate Deception: A well-intentioned priest struggles to save his dilapidated church from being torn down, by faking a miracle.

Shelli Wright, Lifetime Warranty: When a used car salesman finds out he has two months to live, he decides the only way to save his soul is to find and pay back all the customers he swindled.

Jeff Berling, Quality of Death: In the search for the perfect bridge to leap to his death from – high enough to feel weightless, but low enough to have an open casket – a suicidal man finds the world may not be as bleak and lifeless as he thought.

Chris Jordan:  Aladdin’s former Genie is living a normal life in Los Angeles until his past catches up with him.

Ingrid Elkner:  Tie-breaking a childish game over who can earn more ‘Missed Connections’ ads, two besties race to track down and win the love of a handsome stranger.

Andrew Riley, Orgasm!: Two combative teenage caregivers–and everyone else–attempt to win the town matriarch’s inheritance by fulfilling her last wish, something she’s never had before: a real orgasm!

Robert Sanchez: An eccentric street performer fails to free himself from a straitjacket during one of his shows, but he must quickly channel his inner Houdini to escape from a mental hospital after an incompetent psychiatrist mistakenly identifies him as a missing patient.

Mario Kersey:  When the savior of an alternate earth is assassinated, his daughter uses her warrior’s training to find his doppelganger on our earth to save both worlds.

Barry Katz: A modern-day Frankenstein struggles to conceal his identity while trying to co-habitate with regular people.

Stay tuned for announcements on the prizes for November, and here’s a sneaky tip for you… category in November will be FAMILY! Congratulations to all of our entrants thus far, we are truly grateful for your support and your talent.

Entries are still open for our Horror October contest, with the amazing prize of a $229 In Depth Script Analysis. Enter NOW!