Guest judge Craig Sabin from ScriptQuack had this to say for our October entries: “The judging process– very difficult, as there were so many great entries, (and I’m billing my heart palpitation medicine to your company)… The winner has indeed earned an In Depth Script Analysis.”

Congratulations, to all of our entrants! Entries are open for our Family November contest, with one more amazing prize of a $229 In Depth Script Analysis. Enter NOW!





Here are our ultimately GRUESOME winners for October:

Carl Morano: A young possessed girl,  enroute to her exorcism,  is abducted by a serial killer who gets more than he bargained for!  (Ultimate Winner of the In Depth Analysis)

Mike Trentacosti:  A fearful teenager tries to convince his grandfather that a series of disturbing events at the nursing home are connected to the woman across the hall, he believes is practicing witchcraft.

Brian van der Valk: A disgraced cop, Jesse, and a lonely psychic, Cassandra, must team up to track a serial killer being controlled by a dead soul, unaware that Jesse himself has been ‘Souljacked’.

Jason Scott: When a family has the ghost of a young woman cast from their home, they learn too late she was actually protecting them from something more sinister.

George Graham, Suburban HousewolfA housewife in the 1950s with a philandering husband is bitten by a werewolf and finds it both a blessing and a curse when she becomes more assertive but also uncontrollably bloodthirsty.

Chris Regan: When an incompetent witch discovers that her council estate is a prison for supernatural creatures she must recruit her neighbours to help her get better at magic so she can take on the evil witchfinder keeping them there.

Christopher von Grebe, Lockdown: When a group of troubled students opens fire on their classmates, a shiftless high school cook must forge an unlikely alliance including a cheerleader and the librarian to bring down the gunmen.

Leodis Smith: Seven college students are hunted down by a vengeful financial aid advisor dawning the schools pig mascot.

Kevin Taft: After two young brothers are caught faking a haunting in their home, the youngest is targeted by a real demonic presence. When no-one believes their claims, the two quickly realize they must face the entity alone before it destroys them.

Miguel Almendarez: An unhappily married couple moves into a house reputedly haunted by a woman who was murdered there; but the wife doesn’t know her husband knew the murdered woman years before, and she was the love of his life.