It is with the greatest pleasure that we our announce our May 2014 Winners for The Ultimate Logline Contest.


We had a really tough time picking our winners, all of our entrants should be very pleased with themselves. In the end, we decided to give out a whole host of passes to the Great American Conference & PitchFest. Lucky winners!

Eric Chapman
A long-standing feud between basement and attic ghosts escalates when a dysfunctional family moves in and gets caught in the crossfire.

Untitled, Jeff Zervos
Cryogenically frozen for 200 years, a group of 21st century war criminals wake from their icy prison to find humans have been enslaved by an alien race.

2175, Suzanne Miller
A Russian mail order bride who also happens to be a terrorist loses contact with her cell, and settles into being a wife and mother in the American Midwest, however, once the cell re-emerges, she is faced with the dilemma of going through with the attack they’ve mounted or saving the new family she’s come to love.

Untitled, Curtis Thierling
A survivalist realizes he is reaching the end of his life, without seeing the apocalypse he has been preparing for his entire life; so he finds a way to make it happen, with his family as unwitting participants.

High Tide, Suzanne Gill & Cindy Scalzi
Life changes course for a struggling Atlantic City tour-boat operator when she discovers her new deck-hand is a merman.

Untitled, Kari Ciardi
A group of hikers find a Bigfoot baby and bring her back to their town and her parents – so desperate to get her back take a human child.  A local anthropologist must get sober and stay sober long enough to negotiate an exchange.

Ghosts Anonymous, Kari Ciardi
Desperate to stop a vengeful spirit from terrorizing him, a phobia-addled young man starts a support group for ghosts addicted to haunting.

Custody of Friends, Jeannie Eddy
A divorcing couple splits everything exactly down the middle, even their friends, until it comes down to the one friend neither wants.

Survived By…, Ruth Simerly
Several unattached, financially secure, attractive older women friends search for love through obituaries of women with interesting widowers, attending funeral services and attempting to meet and get to know the widowers, often posing as long-lost friends of the deceased.

Untitled, Michael Zungolo
An egotistical baseball star finds himself hurtled across time to a 1950s bush league, where he is challenged to re-learn the game he thought he’d mastered, as well as experience, for the first time in his adult life, humility within himself and empathy toward others.


GAPF11-LogoAnd, finally, we were so thrilled by the outstanding entries that we received and as a celebration for our first ever contest, we decided to give a GAPF Conference Pass for 2014, allowing attendance at all classes (excluding masterclasses) on the Friday and Saturday, to every single person that entered in May!

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners and to everyone that entered. If you haven’t received an email from us already, please keep an eye on your inbox (or check your spam folder) for further details.

How generous did our judges get with giving out so many passes?! Amazing! Don’t forget, this month our category is TV Pilot/Series. Enter today!

Keep your eye out for a new blog posts coming – one where we’ll discuss the criteria we used to select the winners, and another with tips, tricks and suggestions based on the entries we’ve received thus far.