We were thrilled to read all your amazing female-driven loglines for Women’s History Month. Go gals! Here at TULC headquarters, it’s a bittersweet moment as this will be our last list of winners for the near future. Sadface heart.

Patricia Semler, A Pound of Cure: Upon learning that an overly attentive home security agent may have caused her mother’s untimely death, a grieving young woman puts herself under his scrutiny to find evidence.

Kristopher Newcome, Space, Time and Beyond: A female writer suffering from writers block develops a romantic bond with a man who she thinks is perfect, unaware that he is the alien from her story.

The biggest hugs and thanks to all of our entrants and winners over the past year. It’s been wonderful reading your ideas and work. Keep writing, and we hope to see you at ScriptFest this year.