*** Please note that the Ultimate Logline Contest is currently taking a short break and we are not accepting entries. Thanks for your support! We hope to see you at this year’s ScriptFest / Great American PitchFest. ***


The Ultimate Logline Contest (TULC) with the ultimate prizes. We have created an ongoing contest to help you to hone your skills, develop your film ideas, and maybe win some accolades and prizes along the way.

Each contest is run from the first until the final day of the month. Winners are announced on the 15th of the following month. We have a new category for every contest. Sometimes the category is broad (like “feature film”), sometimes it’s more specific (like “roller derby slasher”). Okay, maybe not that specific, but you get the idea. If our current category doesn’t get your juices flowing, sit tight, there’s a new month just around the corner…

Entry is a measly USD $5 per logline, and if you’re super keen, USD $20 for five of ‘em.

We announce up to 10 winners per month. The prize/s for each month are announced at the same time as the category. You gotta be in it to win it… so you know what to do:


March Contest Underway

Congratulations to our romcom Feb entrants. We're feeling very loved up here at TULC headquarters. Onwards to the March contest. CATEGORY: Female protagonist, in honor of Women's History Month. PRIZES: We've partnered again this month with GAPF / PitchFest to offer...

January 2015 Winners

What better way to start the new year than to win the Ultimate Logline Contest, am I right?! We had some seriously dramatic results this month, with not one, but two writers placing with two loglines. These gals know how to craft a logline!   Molly Letkeman: Ten...

Stop the press – do you want to attend GAPF this year?

If the answer is yes, then enter your ROMCOM logline now. A five buck investment could win you a BRONZE pass to the Great American PitchFest, May 29 - 31, 2015. That's right, we've just added a fantastic Bronze Pass worth $300 to the prize line up for February. That...

When a Soviet captain steals Russia’s top secret weapon, it falls to a lone CIA analyst to convince the world that he intends to defect, before they blow him out of the water.

The Hunt for the Red October

A swashbuckling archaeologist travels the globe battling Nazis in pursuit of the Lost Ark of the Covenant.

The Raiders of the Lost Ark

A teenager and an absent-minded scientist battle to save the future after the teen accidentally travels back in time and prevents his parents from meeting.

Back to the Future