10155577_10152066119820843_3210216503127426678_nA huge congratulations to our family minded November winners! The winner of the ultimate, amazing prize of the ScriptQuack InDepth Script Analysis was Allison Hagen, who had not one but two winning loglines! If you weren’t a winner this time, get yourself over to the ScriptQuack website to check out the different script analysis packages they have on offer and give ’em a whirl. New year, new feedback, what else could a screenwriter need?!

Allison Hagen, Pwned by the Cat: Chowder, a talking cat, escapes from a laboratory and finds a home with Elizabeth Barlow, a competent state governor but inept mother of three teenagers.

Allison Hagen, Untitled: An affluent family of five struggles to survive on a tropical island, while the man’s ne’er do well brother feigns witnessing their demise in order to inherit their wealth.

Mac McCord, NiNJA GRANNY: A troubled teen finds a new way of looking at life after going to live with her maternal grandmother, who is also a Ninjitsu Grandmaster.

Ryan Doyle, The Monster Hunters Handbook: Three 12 year old con-artists make a business out of tricking their schoolmates out of money by offering to slay monsters that don’t exist. When the Boogeyman threatens to unleash hell on earth, these amateur ‘monster hunters’ may be the town’s only hope.

Brian Webster, My Perfect Family: A boy who lives in a dysfunctional family enters a contest, “My Perfect Family.” To his surprise, he wins and now the dysfunctional family must come together as a real family in order to win the grand prize.