Congratulations to our family friendly entries for November, we’re excited to get cracking on picking our winner/s!

Sadly, as family comes to a close, we open December with your holiday themed loglines, of course!


PRIZES: We’re giving away electronic copies of the GAPF Executive Guide, a full list of executives actively seeking out new pitches! The guide contains names, contact info, and thorough profiles of all companies that participated in GAPF 2014. Also up for grabs is Movie Magic or Final Draft Software, the Slumdog Millionaire Script, Screenwriter Survival Kits, and On the Page DVDs from Pilar Alessandra – a practical and entertaining “How To” that allows you to brainstorm your story, move quickly through the outlining process, tackle pages and rewrite! What a catch!

JUDGES: Our regular panel of judges. Read more about ’em here.


ENTRIES OPEN: Dec 1, 2014 12:01AM PST

ENTRIES CLOSE: Dec 31, 2014 11:59PM PST

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Approximately Jan 20, 2015

CONTEST TIPS: Check ‘em out here.

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