HNYWhat better way to start the new year than to win the Ultimate Logline Contest, am I right?!

We had some seriously dramatic results this month, with not one, but two writers placing with two loglines. These gals know how to craft a logline!


Molly Letkeman: Ten years after stealing a dead friend’s baby, two women are hunted by the criminal father who’s determined to claim his son and heir.

Thesy Surface: Cait, a plain Jane bus-girl at a swanky Hollywood restaurant, nabs a pick up artist book from a “player” patron one night, and decides to follow its rules, only to find it produces powerful results for her and her misfit girlfriends.

Molly Letkeman: On a penal planet, an imprisoned artist with a week until parole gets away with killing the warden, but after a brutal inmate learns his secret, is blackmailed into masterminding a risky escape.

Debbie Oliver: A Human Interest Journalist has a near death experience leaving her with the ability to dictate the outcome of any story she writes.

Thesy Surface: The female assistant of a Monaco official, swept up in a love affair with the visiting American ambassador, witnesses him murder someone and, after escaping, becomes victim to his mind games and defamation, wrecking her life, which she must now battle to re-gain control of.


Congratulations to all our entrants and thanks for supporting the Ultimate Logline Contest.