jumpyWinners are grinners in 2015, particularly Michael Sajewski who managed to place three times in our February rom-com contest. The man has heart, that’s for sure!

Michael Sajewski, Princeless: After spending most of her life locked in a tower, a maiden grows tired of waiting for her Prince Charming and frees herself. Once outside, she must join forces with her delayed rescuer (who she has learned to hate) in order to return to civilization and uncover the reason behind her imprisonment.

Michael Sajewski: An assassin falls for the suicidal woman he has been hired to kill. After refusing to carry out the hit, he must outrun his furious employers and protect the woman he loves from every trained killer in town – and herself!

Michael Sajewski, Teenage Cupid: After several thousands of years, the mythical matchmaker Cupid has finally reached puberty. However, when he accidentally scratches himself with his own arrow, he falls in love for the first time – but in following his heart, he just might ruin a predestined romance that has the potential to alter history!

Sharhonda Brown: A stand up comedian and self proclaimed female connoisseur must learn to approach love differently when a gypsy woman puts a curse on him, taking away his charisma and his ability to perform in the bedroom.

Barbara Blomquist: An A-list action star and “player”, Jason Craig, has an ego as big as his biceps. When his life is threatened by a crazed fan he rejects a typical bodyguard because it would hurt his image. Thus, Samantha Jefferson becomes his latest “girl” toy, a petite feminine beauty with an equally outsized ego and a deadly set of skills.

Niraj Kapur: Frustrated with the dating scene, a lonely, cynical man finds love with the perfect woman… who turns out to be an alien.

Congratulations to our winners, our entrants, and thank you for your support!